Spacious and Sophisticated Apartment in Sydney

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This Sydney apartment, designed by The Quinlan Group, attracts the attention with its minimalistic clear lines, vast open spaces and smooth materials. Carrying the open and contemplative atmosphere of Japanese modernists the space divides into a private and social areas with interesting and dynamic interface solution – a single wall that has multiple configurations of open and close positions, depending on the function needed. This idea of dynamic and ever-changing space is introduced throughout the whole public zone. Flexibility achieved with multiple retractable laser cut screens, which are hosted in a series of stone blade walls, creating an exhibition surfaces for the owners substantial art collection.

Throughout this contemporary apartment the materials, fixtures, furnishing and textures are high quality and bring comfort and elegance to the interior. The color palette is natural and smooth and in combination with the modern furnishing and lighting brings serenity and expanse to the premise. The magnificent waterfront view visible through the panoramic windows, the privet sauna and a spacious bathroom carry the sign of water glamor and luxury that adds to the water-element style of the apartment. This apartment can offer simultaneously a quiet and meditative cocoon or a large scale entertainment space, depending on the owner’s need.

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