Luxurious Top Apartment with Roof Garden

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The Number 6 of Palazzo Valperga Galleani in Turin-Italy is an impressive example of how renovation works can bring back to life an old building respecting and interlacing the historical heritage and the newest technologies and trends in architecture and interior design. A reconstruction was undertaken to build the 36 apartments in accordance of the pre-existing layout, and the intention was to establish an artistic and stenographic setting that will make the successful fusion between history and contemporary with respect to the building’s evocative value. The architects decide to revitalize the original XVII century garden in the courtyard of the building by introducing contemporary art pieces like the hanging tree and decorated the long horizontal balcony rails by flower vases with climbing plants and very modernistic computer -controlled illumination of all light elements – including the paving design.

But the piece of this remarkable project that deserves special attention- in terms of interior design and original architecture- is a luxurious top apartment whit its roof gardens, modernistic approach to architecture and space lines and stylish interior solutions. Color lights reflected by the white surfaces and breaking the traditional square lines of the construct are the defining points of this modern and elegant roof- top apartment.

Very peculiar and impressive emphasis on the space arraignment brings the creator’s choice of space division, the glass cubicles illuminated in ever-changing color lights. This solution is creating a space within a space without definitive division and separation of the areas like the one caused by conventional walls. The furnishing solution varies from classical and comfortable, thought separate pieces of technologically advanced appliances and chairs, to some antiquities to spice up the space.

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